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Hollyhocks are biennials or short-lived perennials. They are cold hardy and their seeds are able to stay dormant in cold soils until spring when conditions are ideal.

Hollyhocks are pretty low-maintenance and naturally deer resistant. They bloom starting in mid-summer with numerous flowers on tall stems.

Good for Growing in Container: No

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun. They will grow wonderfully in partial shade as well


Growing Information

Seed Sowing: For Spring planting start indoor 8-10 weeks before Last frost or for Fall planting sow directly outdoors a week before 1st frost. Sow seeds 1 cm deep.

Days to Germinate: 10-12 days

Days to Maturity: 80-90 days


Tips: Hollyhocks can be planted in both Fall or Spring. Planting in the fall is going to give you a head start to the growing season and saves time in the spring. Typically, seed that’s planted in the fall will produce more plants than in the spring. Sow the seeds about a week before the last frost of the fall. Once soil temperatures and conditions are ideal, the seed will begin to grow in the spring. Spring planting can also be done but is a little more time-consuming.

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