We started our journey in our backyard in a suburb of Ontario, Canada. We used to grow our own vegetables for our family and also shared with our friends and neighbours. 

There are almost 1097 vegetable species cultivated worldwide. Canadians are able to enjoy over 400 different types of fresh fruits and vegetables from over 150 different countries throughout the year. In Canada, at least 53 species or botanical varieties of vegetables are grown. 

There are many vegetables those are available in the shelf of grocery stores but seeds are not available to grow your own. That’s inspired us to start our journey. We started collecting seeds from friends, gardening clubs, hobby farmers, commercial growers and many other sources. 

At the end of each growing season, we had surplus stock of many vegetables seeds that we started to share with our friends, neighbours and with many gardener communities, received amazing feedback from them. We realized demand for many specialized, ethnic and exotic vegetables are very high but authentic sources are very limited.   

So, we started Northern Meadows where we ensure the best quality seeds that can thrive in Canadian weather, meet and exceed expectation of the gardeners, hobby growers and fill the gap for the those specialized, ethnic and exotic vegetables seeds.

At Northern Meadows, we grow a good portion of our own seeds locally in Ontario – Organically, without use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We also collect seeds from growers and suppliers from Canada as well as around the world. 

We have large collection of Asian (Bangladeshi, Indian, Sri-Lankan, Vietnamese, Philippines and many other) vegetables seeds. 

We ensure all our seeds will meet or exceed Canadian growing standard for germination and production. 

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